I started out as a reporter on a regional daily newspaper in Chester, UK, back in the mid-2000’s.

That was just before news went digital, which means my portfolio from those early days contains real newspaper cuttings (so retro).

After a good first few years on the job, the media world suddenly moved online, the financial crash hit in 2008, and journalism no longer seemed like a viable career.

Fast forward to more than a decade later after living in five different countries, a career change into public relations and copywriting, and here I am.

Hayley Maguire – Creative Copywriter

I have since provided copywriting services for global B2B businesses and travel and lifestyle outlets by writing articles, blogs, newsletters, website copy, advertorials, and press releases.

I work with clients so that their voice can be heard through the writing, and to ensure the content aligns with the brand.

And I take a customised approach to each brief to provide a bespoke copywriting service.

After all, integrity is everything in today’s modern, digital world.

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