Everyone has a story to tell — even you. Here’s how content can work for your business.

Blogs and articles

Raise your profile with expertly written blogs and articles. A tried and tested way to get noticed online.

Brand journalism

Elevate your brand with journalistic-style content and in-depth expert interviews. Worth every penny.

How much does it cost?

Investing in content is exactly that — an investment. Prices* vary depending on the scope of a project, but as a guide:

  • A 500-600 word article starts at €250.
  • A 1,000 word article starts at €350.
  • I usually ask for a 50 per cent deposit before starting work.

Available to work with agencies and independent businesses on a project or retainer basis.

*I’m based in Austria, so example rates are in Euros.

Hayley is an excellent writer.”

Matthew Stapleford, Founder, Immigration Experts