Chippa Nation Case Study

The client

Chippa Nation is a UK-based ecommerce company that was founded during the first Coronavirus lockdown in spring 2020.

The online marketplace stocks a range of products from independent makers and small businesses.

The brief

Tara Smith, the founder of Chippa Nation, wanted to raise the profile of the new business to boost awareness and sales.

Tara had a clear vision for how she wanted to grow the business but was unsure about the direction for content.

The process

Chippa Nation was launched at a time when ecommerce was booming and people were spending record amounts of time online.

The stockists all had interesting stories to tell and were carefully selected to reflect Tara’s values of supporting fellow independent businesses.

To communicate this, I started with a series of blog articles to create the Chippa Journal and to build content on the website.

This set the stage to tell the story of Chippa Nation, highlight the products for sale and improve SEO.

The next step was to raise the profile of the business.

As Chippa Nation was new, it was important to introduce the business to the target market. This was done with a press release, which gained coverage in Herefordshire publications (where Chippa Nation is based) and on lifestyle websites.

At the time, Tara was also running a pop-up stall at artisan markets, so raising the profile regionally was crucial.

A few months later we sent out the first Chippa Nation newsletter to celebrate the launch of the new website. This served as another introduction to the business by including a link to the Founder Focus article, as well as highlighting a key stockist with a Q&A.

It was a pleasure to see Tara’s vision become a reality and to support a small business during a roller coaster time in history.

Visit the Chippa Nation Journal to read examples of my writing.