Liongate Consulting

The client

Liongate Consulting is a Germany-based consultation agency specialising in the fields of immigration, business development, real estate and international education.

Clients include high-net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and SMEs from around the world.

The brief

To improve the website’s SEO, attract the target audience through brand-aligned copywriting and convert visitors into clients.

The process

The project started with an audit of the website’s existing SEO performance followed by extensive keyword research.

This then led to the creation of a new SEO keyword document that helped to guide the content for the homepageservices pages and about page.

For Liongate Consulting, it was especially important for the copy to reflect the expertise of the founders while also highlighting the premium service offered to clients.

To communicate this, words like “boutique”, “specialist” and “discover” were used across the site, as well as aspirational phrases, such as “explore the world with ease”.

Finally, I created an SEO blog writing guide for the agency to further support their ongoing marketing activities.

The result is a website that communicates Liongate Consulting’s holistic approach and encourages potential clients to book a consultation with the team.

Visit to see the final version of the copy.

Liongate Consulting

Two months


Date Completed
March 2022

“We are happy to provide our clients and potential clients with an updated version of our website. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our great partner, Hayley Maguire. She provided us with on the spot copywriting that is tailored to our client’s needs.”

Florian Kaiser, CEO and Co-Founder, Liongate Consulting

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