Be consistent

Last month I was invited to write some words for The Encouragement Manifesto by the duo behind Feasts & Fables.*
My task was to choose one of their ten principles as a topic before writing about whatever I fancied.
It took some time to choose a principle and I wavered between Be the pebble in the pond and Celebrate others before settling on Be consistent.
I then decided to write about my consistent daily walking habit and the benefits it has brought to my life.
As a writer, I notice the biggest positive impact of walking on my creativity – especially after I’ve spent too long at my desk.
The rhythm of putting one foot in front of the other provides the space to think, and the surrounding alpine nature soothes the soul.
Then … ideas start to flow. 
I think about articles I’m writing and projects I’m working on. I think about potential future story ideas. And I relish those moments because I’m not sitting in front of a screen.
The moral of the story is that to become good at anything, or to reap the full benefits of an action or activity, we need to be consistent.
For a writer this means being consistent with writing and reading. But it also means committing to taking regular breaks and granting yourself the permission to step away from the laptop.
Because it is only when our brains are rested and recharged that the magic really happens.
Go on; try it.
Take yourself out for a walk.
See what happens.
*For those of you that don’t know, Feasts & Fables has a lovely newsletter that goes out every Sunday evening. The Encouragement Manifesto is a collection of writing inspired by their 10 principles for a life well lived.

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