The power of the newsletter

A newsletter is a tried and tested digital marketing and communication tool.

But if you’re new to the newsletter game you might be wondering if the effort is actually worth it.

I’m here to say yes, it is.

You just need to know how to harness its power.

Focus on relevant content

Newsletters are sent out to people that have signed up as a subscriber for marketing information from a particular person or company.

This means they will already have an idea of what they will receive so the content has to be relevant.

For example, if someone subscribes to a newsletter from a food blogger but receives information about computer software instead, they will probably hit the unsubscribe button.

Why? Because it’s not what they signed up for.

To get started with creating relevant content, try using one of the ideas below:

  • Company news and updates.
  • Q&A’s with members of the team or other influential people in the industry.
  • Introductions to recent blog posts and links to landing pages.
  • Special offers unique to subscribers.
  • Comment and opinion on industry developments to establish thought leadership.
  • Links to social media accounts and contact details.

Newsletters can focus on just one of the above suggestions or a selection. However, the frequency of a newsletter is likely to impact how much content is included.

For example, weekly newsletters should be short and sweet.

Whereas monthly or quarterly newsletters can feature extra content to really add value to the reader.

Just keep in mind that a newsletter is going direct to someone’s inbox, so avoid going on the hard sell about products and services.

The aim is to get them to read your email by providing something of substance, not just empty sales material.

What are the benefits of a newsletter?

Just one of the many benefits of distributing a newsletter is the ability to track metrics.

Newsletter software allows users to analyse performance by open rate, country location, clicks and downloads.

This data then helps you to understand what works, what doesn’t and where a key market is located.

In fact, 90 per cent of B2B marketers measure newsletter success by engagement figures alone, and 31 per cent say newsletters are the highest performing type of B2B content for nurturing leads.

Statistics for B2C content are also strong with 60 per cent of consumers preferring to be contacted by brands via email. While 72 per cent are more likely to open an email that includes a discount.

The core ingredient in all of this though is relevant content. You want readers to think your newsletter is worthy of their precious time, and not just clogging up their inbox.

After all, there is a world of content out there, so make sure your newsletter stands out from the crowd.

Want to send out a newsletter that people actually want to read? Then hire a copywriter.

Get in touch at to find out about copywriting services.

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